Kind of late to talk about Senior Ditch Day, which was last week.  I guess I will anyway.  I went to see “The Matrix: Reloaded” and after that we waited an hour for our lunch, which was just sandwiches.  They were good sandwiches; they just took way too long.  Then we went to Judy’s house to play DDR.  Very good exercise, I must say.  HA HA!!  I laugh at Tiffany because she didn’t get to see me play.  Then on Saturday, the day of Prom, Rie slept over at my house.  Wing went home because she loves her bed too much.  But before we slept, we went to eat dinner, and then we went to raid Judy’s house.  Lisa was there, and as Rie says, “Lisa’s a good babysitter even though we are of legal age already.”  Anyway, at Judy’s and Lisa’s house, we played more DDR, and then Rie wanted to watch her show, so Wing and I, being the nice friends we are, went all the way to Wing’s house to record Rie’s show and then came back to pick Rie up so that we could all go to my house.  This was all because Rie didn’t want to miss even two seconds of her show.  Anyway, I just have to say, I’m happy that I finally got my comic books.  I have such nice parents.  And, here’s a link to see some pictures of my piano recital.

What else do I want to say?  Not much.  I’m kind of bored right now because I have no homework and I have nothing to watch because all the season finales are over with and I have no anime to watch.  Oh well.  I’ll think of something to do.

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  1. chrissstinac says:

    WHOA MAMA christina’s soOO ganstA now! YOU HAVE A XANGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! hhahhaa.. so ok i’m exaggerating it a bit.. =D

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yahyah Yah !!!!!!! tehehhehe.  Me watching that Musashi now!!!!!!!!!!!!    tehehehehhehehhe!!!!!!

  3. Christina!  You’ve had a Xanga since APRIL, and you didn’t tell me about it? >=0  Haha, j/k!  Awesome Xanga!  The potluck at Wing’s was fun!

  4. OMG!  I’m sO sorry!  I triple-posted!  Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever done that!  I was going to submit my first comment, so I pressed submit, then I thought I forgot to give you e-props, so I pressed the stop button.  I thought it had stopped, so I started to retype my entry, and then, for some reason, it submitted twice!  Argh, computers are stoopid.  Okay, I’ve taken enough of your space now!  Ttyl! 

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