Hey peoples!!!

I took all those quizzes that Tiffany took, and hmmm…all I have to say is, Tiffany and I have similar personalities or something.  Very interesting.  I got most of the same things.  I got the angel, and the same anime characters, and whatever.  Except, I had Kodomo no Omocha as my first one, and I had Cardcaptor Sakura too.  Then I had Fushigi Yuugi somewhere on there and Kenshin somewhere in the middle.  Very interesting.  Let’s see…I feel very very sad because my English group is the first group to present our stupid project on STUPID Shaw.  I mean I love Pygmalion but not that much.  Oh well, we will make it!!!  Wow!  Only ten more school days until graduation.  Very scary.  I’m kind of sad about that.  I won’t see people as much anymore.  But I guess we can still talk online.  Oh yeah, Tiffany, you have to tell me about that anime you said is kind of like Fushigi Yuugi.  Sounds interesting.  What else do I have to say?  Oh yeah, Tiffany, you don’t suck at DDR.  Rie, you’re getting pretty good at DDR.  The end.  See you someday.  Gotta go out to eat.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    -_-;;  I have no coordination

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