Very weird day today is.  I feel so tired.  Stupid Shaw!!!  I can’t believe my group is the first to present our English project!  Very bad luck.  It’s all Shaw’s fault!!!  Hopefully we’ll do all right.  It was so funny when we had a “group meeting” on Sunday.  So many digressions.  First we looked up anime, anime quizzes, and Kids in the Hall quizzes.  And then we worked for a while–well close to a while–but then it was lunchtime and we had to eat.  So, we went to the mall, where Wing bought Ein, our group mascot.  This is Wing’s first anime merchandise.  Sniff sniff.  Little Wing is finally growing up.  Then we ate lunch and headed to the library where we researched stuff on Shaw and found some, well, some disturbing pictures of him.  Then Wing started taking pictures and some weird security guard just walks in on us and asks us weird questions.  I seriously was really scared because I never had to deal with security guards before.  Anyway, it was really weird.  I guess he thought we were eating or something.  Elaine took a picture of him with Ein.  That was pretty funny.  Then he sat around for a while and left.  Then we went back to Tiffany’s house where we worked on how we were going to present our project.  It took us forever to come up with some kind of exciting opening.  We really had no idea what to do, so we started fooling around with the piano.  Wing’s play had some music in it, so we tried to play it on the piano.  It was supposed to sound sad, but to us it sounded really happy.  Then we got bored with that and Tiffany and I started trying to play the Fruits Basket theme song on the piano.  That was some tough brain work.  Made me start to sweat.  But we finally figured it out, although if you ask me to play it again, I don’t think I would remember how.  And that was how our “meeting” went.   

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  1. Christina you have a xanga too!!!
    I just discovered it.. =)
    Nice picture also…

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