Yesterday and today were very nice days.  I went to the yearbook banquet yesterday night, and boy, was there a lot of food.  The bread just kept coming!!!  I couldn’t eat all of that bread; it was mocking us!!!  And we got our beautiful, beautiful yearbooks.  Sniff sniff.  Teardrop.  It was so beautiful, I wanted to cry.  All that hard work.  So very very beautiful.  I will read every single page. 

Here are some highlights to look at in the student life section (you’d better look at them or else!!!)

page 105: my baby picture;

page 121: my arm;

page 90: Gandalf;

check out page 90-91, which is pets and vacations-I did this spread with Jamie;

my first mug spread was pg 84-85, so check out what color aura people said they were;

check out the movies and music page-86-86;

look at the weird guy on page 99 who said his fav movie is Pocahontas because the hills were alive with the sound of music;

look at page 120-121 to see Jamie and my cool layout (the circular text and the “Money, money, money title!);

and check out the student artwork and student writing!!! because those pages are just so pretty.

Today was also a really fabulous day.  After school we went out to eat at Shakey’s, which was absolutely delicious.  Then we went to Tiffany’s house where we signed yearbooks and watched “Spirited Away” and all the bonus features.  Actually that was only Tiffany and me who watched all the bonus features.  Wing, Judy, and Jean were playing video games.  Cindy and Christina just watched the movie with us and then they left.  But that was fun.  Thanks for letting us go to your house Tiffany!  I’m sorry you couldn’t come Rie.  Hopefully you can join us next time! 

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