Gosh!  So much stuff has happened this past week, and I don’t know where to begin.  Well, the last week of school was pretty memorable.  Nobody cried!!!  I think our class was either really cold-hearted or we just hated school that much.  Or maybe we just haven’t realized that our high school lives are over with FOREVER!!! 

Okay, so Friday was graduation.  I went with Judy and Wing, and we thought we were late, but everyone was late, so we were okay.  We stood around for a while and took a bunch of pictures.  The ceremony was kind of boring, I mean the speeches were good, but listening to names being read off the list was not my idea of fun.  Then I was supposed to go to dinner with Christina, Ruth, and Tiffany (the one from church), but I didn’t know what time, so my family decided to just go out and have a quick dinner by ourselves.  So then Judy picked me up and we went to school for grad night.  Grad night was really fun.  I did a bunch of things that I normally would never do.  We took a bunch of pictures, got our caricatures, did our hair and fingernails, went on the ferris wheel (on which Tiffany and I, especially me, screamed so loud, and my voice went hoarse).  And before leaving, we took pictures with our tree that we sat under during lunch.  Note that I said sat instead of sit.  This is my realization that I will never sit there during lunch unless I purposely go to AHS again.  And then we went home.  I got home around two in the morning, the latest I’ve ever gotten home, and I went to bed at 2:30, the latest I’ve ever slept (isn’t that amazing?). 

On Saturday, I woke up at 11:00, which is very late for me because I usually wake up at 8:00 on weekends.  I didn’t do much after I woke up.  Then at 4:00, I went to Jean’s house for the potluck.  We watched Monsters Inc. and Mansfield Park, two very good movies.  Then I had to go home early with Judy.  Judy let me borrow a Chinese soap opera, one of those kung fu shows, quality stuff I must say.  And then that was my Saturday.

On Sunday, I went to church and hung around at home.  I think I watched some anime too.

On Monday, I didn’t do much again.  I watched more anime and some Chinese soap operas.  I’m sorry to say that I’m a pretty boring person who lives a pretty dull life.

On Tuesday, I watched more anime because I had to finish it so that I could return it to Tiffany.  Then I went to Tiffany’s house for a potluck.  Lots of yummy food.  We watched Treasure Planet.  Then I had to go home. 

Then today is Wednesday, and again, I am not doing anything but updating my xanga.  And I was watching more Chinese soap operas.  I have no more anime to watch.  That’s so sad!!!  I must get something to watch!!!  And I don’t have anyone to borrow anime from either!!!  This is quite sad.

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  1. Hiiiiii!!!!  I’m actually going to comment on something you commented on my entry!!  You know about that “little discovery” you made about Fushigi Yuugi?  I made the same one before I found out you knew, and I even e-mailed you about it!  Funny how geniuses think alike, huh?  Anyway, I was watching yesterday, but they didn’t show it.  They showed El Hazard instead.  International Channel confuses me.  Anyway, comments aren’t supposed to be entire entries unto themselves, so I’ll leave it here.  Ttyl!

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