I’m back from Yellowstone.  I took a 5-day tour and went through 6 states.  So here is an account of my trip.

Wednesday-I had to wake up at like 5:30 AM, and we went to catch the bus, which was waiting for us at 99 Ranch Market.  So the bus picked us up, and we went to the Travel Agency at Monterey Park.  My gosh!!!  There were so many FOBs just waiting for the different buses to pick them up at Monterey Park.  We separated into our separate buses, which were going to different places.  I swear, I’ve never seen so many FOBs in my life.  Anyway, we boarded the bus going to Yellowstone, and our tour guide introduced himself.  His name was Michael, and he went to UCI.  Throughout the trip, he was always trying to be funny, but I think he was a pretty lousy joke teller.  We went through Las Vegas, then went through Arizona, and then stopped at St. George, Utah for the night.  I was surprised to see how light it was at 9:00 at night. 

Thursday-We went to Salt Lake City and visited a Mormon Church.  That was about it.  It was a boring day.

Friday-We went through Idaho, and stopped at McDonald’s for lunch.  Then we went to Wyoming.  We reached Yellowstone, and the cabins were so stuffy and hot.  By this point, I was seriously missing my computer.  We saw lots of bison.  I got a bunch of bites and sunburns, and I wanted to go home. 

Saturday-We stayed at Yellowstone the whole day.  I saw Old Faithful, and I didn’t think it was that impressive, but that’s just me.  I was just too uncomfortable.  The food at Yellowstone was awful.  It was way too rich.  I think it was because farmers live there and they need rich food to be able to get enough energy.  Anyway, I got more bites and sunburns. 

Sunday-We passed through Montana, and then we went all the way back to Salt Lake City to catch the airplane back to wonderful LA.  I was soooo happy  to get back to LA.  I practically inhaled the smog with joy. 

There were a lot of weird and annoying people in our tour.  Just too many FOBs.  Oh well.  Some other people were really cool though.  There was a mother and daughter, and we discovered that they went to our church sometimes, so we were like, “It’s really a small world.”  We met this other couple, and the wife kept saying that I had big eyes, and I was like, “Why is she sucking up to me?”  And then there was a guy who came from Japan, and he spoke a little English and Mandarin.  My mom and I swore that it was as if a real anime character had come to life.  He had dyed his hair blonde and made his eyes really big.  Anyway, my mom and I were sure to take a picture with him.  He talked to my mom a lot and told her that in Japan, people who watched anime were nerds.  So I am proud to be a nerd.  He got my e-mail address too and said that he would send some pictures to us.  That mother and daughter were very nice.  The daughter goes to UC Berkeley.  I think both the tour guide and the Japanese guy had a crush on her because they kept flirting with her.  It was very entertaining for me to watch.  She sings really well too.  We had karaoke on the bus, and she was the best singer.  What else should I say?  I guess I have nothing much to say anymore.  It was an interesting trip, but I tell you, I’m not going again.  I’m a city girl, and I can’t stand not having a mall and a computer.  See ya later.  I’m leaving for Sacramento in the morning.  Oh yeah, I really hope no one I have mentioned in the tour ever reads this because it would probably offend them.  But what are the chances of that?  Right?  (Scary background music playing)

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  1. connsters says:

    Hey!!! Your trip sounds like the one that I went to last summer! hehehe. Aww, I hope you had an all right time. =)

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