I seriously have no life.  Let’s see…today, I tried to call a bunch of people to settle on a time to watch Pirates of the Carribean, but no one was home except for Rie.  I guess that wasn’t very efficient.  So I only know that Rie most likely will go, Wing probably will go, and Cindy will go.  As for Tiffany and Jean, hopefully they will e-mail me their answer. 

Then I also rented some more Chinese soap operas, if you know what Huan Zhu Ge Ge Part III is, and I mainly watched more anime today.  What a boring life I have.  But strangely, I really don’t mind.  I wonder what I should rent to watch during my birthday party.  I might not be able to rent anime, because it might be rented out, and there aren’t really any good American movies out right now on DVD except Shanghai Knights, and I watched that already.  What else is good?  Any suggestions?

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