Yesterday, I went to take my permit test.  And I must write of my adventures.  Gosh!!  I’ve heard such horrible stories about the people working there, but I thought they were exaggerations!!  So I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, but it was worst than what I could have ever imagined!!  And no, I am not just being melodramatic (okay, maybe a little), but I’m not kidding!!!  Those people working there are the grouchiest people alive!  Are they even alive?  They seem like dead monsters that hold some kind of grudge. 

Okay, so I had scheduled an appointment, and I entered the line for people who made appointments, but I didn’t bring my passport because my dad said I didn’t have to.  And guess what, I needed my passport.  Then the lady was like really, really mean.  My dad said that we’d be back with my passport in 10 minutes, but she wanted to cancel my appointment.  Let me tell you, I was really  pissed off by then.  But thankfully, she didn’t cancel my appointment.  We rushed back home to get my passport, and throughout the ride back home, my dad called her a stupid bureaucrat, and I even at one point called her a b****(use your intellectual skills, or if you don’t have any, use your imagination, and if you don’t have that, well, sorry, I can’t help you–go ask a grownup). 

So anyway, when we came back, she still had an attitude problem, but then as soon as she saw my passport, her attitude changed, and she was actually a teensiest bit nicer.  My dad said that it was because she saw that I was born in Arcadia, California and I wasn’t a FOB.  Gosh, they really treat FOBs and Mexicans or people who don’t speak English that well like dirt.  It’s really sad actually.  Okay, then the waiting time was like 10 minutes, which wasn’t that bad.  The lady who was grading the tests really seemed like she hated her job.  She had a monotone voice and no expression on her face whatsoever.  She was just like, “Next!” or “Come here.”  It took forever waiting in the line for her to grade everyone’s test.  There was one old lady who didn’t pass, and the lady grading the tests was like, “Study!  Good bye.  Next!”  I was like, “This place is worst than a prison!”  So did I pass?  Happily, yes I did.  And I didn’t even really study.  I just prayed really hard, so I am really thankful to God.  The lady just said with her monotone voice, “You passed.  Next!”  That was just a very scary experience.  And I still have to go there again, and maybe again after that for a bunch of times. 

Okay, on to happier events.  Today, I get to watch Pirates of the Carribean!!!  I’m so happy!!!  And then my birthday party is on Saturday!  Yay!!!  It’s not just about the gifts, it’s about seeing my friends!  (Yeah right.  It’s about the gifts.)  Just kidding, I really do love spending time with my friends.  What else did I do today?  Well, I went to the doctor to get some shots.  I was supposed to get both the Hepatitis B shot and the Meningitis shot, but I only got the Meningitis shot because we weren’t sure if I got the Hepatitis B shots yet.  So the doctor’s office had to call my pediatrician’s office to get my immunization record, and it turns out that I already got all my Hepatitis B shots.  Yay!!!  I don’t have to suffer through more pain.  I hate pain.  The Meningitis shot kind of hurt, but then again, everything hurts to me.  And now my whole left arm kind of has muscle aches, which is a reaction to the shot, I think.  Oh well, I can still function.  That’s all for today.  That was pretty boring stuff, now that I think about it. 

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  1. yes…Now you understand one of the reasons why I hate the DMV so much…
    their nice to me, maybe it’s because I speak English the American way and the way i look
    I acutally talked to my test grader, told them they should get a scantron machine…but she didn’t like what I said because a scantron machine would make her unemployed…

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