Well, yesterday was certainly very exciting.  Wing picked me up around 5:00 and we went to the comic book store across from the Krikorian to get Tiffany a birthday present.  We didn’t end up buying anything because that store really jacks up the price!!!  I guess we’ll go to Borders or Amazon.  Then we went to pick up Tiffany around 5:30 and drove to Subway.  First we made a stop at the DVD rental store because I had to return some DVDs.  Tiffany was fascinated by the store–especially the anime section.  We practically had to drag her out the store!  Then we went to Subway to get a quick bite to eat.  Elaine works there, so she was our server.  It was really cool watching Elaine make sandwiches!  She’s really fast!!!  Anyway, Cindy, Rie, and Jean were supposed to meet us there, but we waited half an hour, and they never showed up.  As we started eating our sandwiches, my cell phone rang.  Thank goodness!  It was Cindy!  They called my mom for my cell phone number.  I’m glad they did that, or we would have been very confused as to what we should do.  It turns out they went to the Subway next to Pavilions in Monrovia, and Wing, Tiffany, and I were at the Subway next to Pavilions in Arcadia.  Talk about miscommunications!!!  Oh well.  So we decided that we would just meet at the Krikorian, and so we did.  After having trouble and being confused with buying tickets (we couldn’t use coupons for Pirates of the Carribean, and we needed our student ID cards), we finally were able to get the tickets.  Guess who we met when we were finding seats!  None other than Christina and a bunch of other people we knew!  So we sat down next to them and waited for the movie to start.  I personally thought the movie was really really good.  I was very satisfied with everything except the end.  The end was not as good as I thought it would be, but oh well.  The movie as a whole was very good.  And that was the end of my adventures for Thursday!

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