Everyone has written about my birthday party in their xanga except me, so I suppose I am obligated to write something about it since it was my party.  So here it goes…I bought this really cool trick at Yellowstone.  It was an envelope with the words Rattlesnake Eggs on it.  It doesn’t really have eggs in it though, just a trap so that when people open it, they trigger the trap, and it makes a rattling sound, thereby scaring whoever opened the envelope.  I scared everyone who came to my party except Cindy and Melisa because I didn’t set the trap right those two times.  It was really really fun scaring everyone. 

Then the rest of my party was spent watching anime.  Guess what we watched.  Ranma 1/2, which was really really funny.  We’re even planning to have a potluck to watch more of it.  It’s really some funny stuff right there; a little obscene in some places, but funny nonetheless.  Then after that, we sped through Harry Potter 2, and we still didn’t get to finish the end.  Oh well, we can watch it next time. 

Oh, I must tell about what my presents were.  I opened them in the order of who came to my party first.  So…Jean, who didn’t come because of camp, gave me this really cool Kenshin art book, a laundry bag, and some Kenshin stationery.  Wing gave me the book Seabiscuit, Jesse gave me tons of anime, my head hurt just looking at it and I got really scared at how much anime I was holding in my hands, Tiffany gave me more anime–Samurai Deeper Kyo and Escaflowne– as well as a CD of anime tunes and a $20 gift certificate, Cindy gave me a really cool Folktale book with folktales from all around the world, Rie gave me a sketchbook with cool pictures she drew of the characters in my story, and Melisa gave me a cute stuffed teddy bear, which is supposed to resemble a mouse if you imagine really really hard for it to be–specifically it’s supposed to be Yuki from Fruits Basket.  Thanks all of you for letting me have a great 18th birthday!!!  All of you spoil me too much!

On another note, today I had my first driving lesson, which I must say, was very very scary.  I think I gave my instructor a headache.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to master “the art of driving.”  Then the rest of the day I watched the end of Meteor Garden Part II.  I know, I know,  I have a lot of anime to watch, so why would I want to watch Meteor Garden?  Well, let me tell you something, Meteor Garden happens to be really really good.  Like Cindy told me, the middle drags out too long, but the end is very good, and as a whole it really is very good.  I must agree with Cindy 100%!!!  Well, that’s all for now.  Oh yeah, we also should have a potluck soon and maybe go watch another movie!!! 

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  1. More potlucks please!   Too bad we couldn’t have our Ranma potluck.  One day we will…=D

  2. hmmMm…Ranma…must see more…
    I;ve heard a lot of horror stories about those driving instructers, the usually drive you insane when they order you around endlessly and excessively, some even ask hypothetical questions while you drive.  It sounds like your off on a good track if you say that your driving your instructor crazy.
    No such thing as the art of driving, it’s all just experience and other people looking out for car mistakes =)

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