Wow!  Lots of stuff has happened to me while xanga was down.  Let’s see…first of all, I finished watching more anime.  I just finished watching Kare Kano, which was really quite good.  And I’m halfway through Ai Yori Aoshi, which is kind of weird, but whatever. 

On Friday, August 15, I went to Judy’s house for a potluck.  Finally I was able to see Judy after so many months.  Right after school was out, she went to Chicago and Taiwan, so I was really happy to finally be able to see Judy again.  Judy brought back lots of cool stuff.  I got three posters–Yeah!!!!  So now I have posters of Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, and Ranma hanging in my room!!!  I also bought a Lord of the Rings poster for myself, by the way.  Judy also got me Fruits Basket playing cards, with different pictures on every card!  Melisa was very jealous, so I was happy.  I also got a bunch of Cardcaptor Sakura stuff, ten pencils, a dog key chain, and some other random stuff.  All very cool stuff.  Thanks a bunch Judy!!!  I also made a promise with Jean.  She said that she had the last Ranma comic book, or rather her brother did, so I told her that if she let me borrow it, then I would burn for her a copy of Kare Kano, which she seems to really want to see.  So that was our little deal. 

Man, you should have seen how many boxes Judy took to Berkeley with her.  I think most of them are packed with comic books.  I think there must have been literally 12-15 big boxes all stacked ready to go.  Anyway, my grandparents and uncles came to visit me on Friday too.  I love my grandparents so much!!!  (Sorry, I had to put that in). 

On Saturday, after a rocky morning, (something happened with my uncle that I don’t wish to discuss, but it really pissed me off cause it made my grandparents sad, and I don’t like it when my grandparents are sad), I went to the mall, and guess who I should bump into.  None other than Judy.  She didn’t see me at first because, if you know her, she was daydreaming AGAIN.  Ha ha.  So I actually had to tap her on the shoulder because she didn’t hear me call her name either.  After that, I went to Tiffany’s birthday party.  We watched a VCD of Glay, a Japanese rock group, (it was Jean’s brother’s CD, and Tiffany wanted Jean to bring it)which Tiffany seemed really to be obsessed with, and then we watched Bringing Down the House.  Oh yes, and Jean also borrowed the Ranma comic book from her brother so that I could borrow it, and as I promised, I gave her a copy of Kare Kano, which I would have given her anyway even if she hadn’t brought me the comic book.  I loved the food!  The food was really good, especially the chicken, yum yum.  Anyway, Tiffany got really cool presents.  I gave her a lot of anime, which she can indirectly thank Jesse for, since he was the one who gave me the anime I gave her.  And I was really envious of the Kenshin pillow that Jean made Tiffany.  It was really cool.  Jean has so much talent with sewing things!  I’m jealous of her talent too!  Sigh.  I shall never be able to sew like that.  

Anyway, I’m kind of sad now because I won’t be able to see Judy for the longest time.  All of my friends are going to be separated from me, and I feel so sad.  I won’t be able to see them everyday anymore.  Sigh.  I don’t wanna go to college.  I don’t want summer to end because there will be so many changes.  And I really don’t want things to change.  I hate changes.  It makes me very nervous.  Well, I wish Judy lots of luck at Berkeley and I wish Tiffany lots of luck at USC!  Wow, my summer has been really weird.  My life in general is just weird.     

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