Guess what?!!!  Yesterday I highlighted my hair red!  I never thought I would have the guts to do that, but I did!  Now people who know me will be shocked when they see me.  I also plucked my eyebrows a bit.  This is very trivial information, but oh well.  What else did I do?  Nothing much.  Tomorrow I’m having a swimming potluck at my house.

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  1. oh my…you did that…wow
    good color choice…the red!
    you should post a picture!!!
    have fun at your swimming potluck

  2. wow..don’t change so much that we can’t recognize you anymore!

  3. *Gasp*  Red hair?  Modeled after a certain anime character we both know and love…?  Hehe, j/k!  I’m sure you look gorgeous!  Can’t wait to see you.  Just don’t know when I can.  I’m home for the weekend, so just give me a ring!

  4. sophiakuo says:

    Hey Christina, long time no talk!  I’m glad you’re having fun over the summer.  We should hang out sometime.  Here’s my AIM: sophiakuo.  Red hair.. interesting.  Dying your hair causes cancer! JK.. I think it does though.. or dying it too much?  Sophia

  5. connsters says:

    Wow!! I can’t believe it! I want to seeeeeeee!

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