I have so much to say today. 

Friday:  I packed the rest of my stuff.  At around 7:30 PM, Cindy, Jean, Rie, Wing, and Christina came over, and we watched the extra features on Wing’s Princess Bride DVD.  Rie and Cindy burned me a bunch of J-Pop CDs, which I think was their going-away present for me.  Cindy, Rie, if you’re reading this, I’m listening to your CDs right now!!!  Thank you!!!  They’re making me think of you.  hee hee…  Anyway, Christina read volumes 10 and 11 of my Fruits Basket comics.  Then Cindy, Jean, Rie, and Wing had to leave.  Christina stayed, and we watched an F4 music video VCD and talked until about 10 something. 

Saturday: Move-in Day!!!  I was supposed to get up  at 7 AM, but I was so tired from Friday that I woke up at 9, and we didn’t get to UCSD until like 11.  I got my keys and stuff and went to my room.  My room mate wasn’t there yet, and so I unpacked everything.  Then I went out with my parents for lunch, and we went to the mall to buy last minute stuff.  Gosh!!!  My room was so stuffy and dusty!!!  I was gonna buy a fan, but I didn’t have time.  Then I went back to my room, and my room mate was there, so we talked a while, and I went out with my parents for dinner.  We also bought more last minute supplies.  I took a shower in my parents’ hotel room because the bathrooms in the dorms are so weird.  No privacy whatsoever.  People can actually see you when you want to get dressed.  Too bad I still have to eventually take a shower there.  I just need to get used to it.  Then I went back to school, and Wendy and I went to the ice cream social.  There we met with Lisa.  Then we hung out at each others’ rooms for a while, and I went back to my room, listened to music, talked with my roommate, and went to sleep.  The internet wasn’t working at the time.  I was really bored without the internet.  It was so sad.

Sunday:  I woke up at 7, then went back to sleep until 9.  My mom woke me up when she called me.  Then they went back to Arcadia.  I hung out with Wendy and Lisa.  It took Wendy and me half an hour to walk to the Price Center because we got lost.  Then we didn’t like the food there, so we walked back to our dorms.  On the way, who should we happen to meet but…Margie!!!  We exchanged phone numbers.  Then we went back to the dorms.  Wendy let me eat her food, which made me very happy since I was hungry. Then we went to the ERC BBQ, which was stupid because the line was long, so we ended up not getting any food.  We hung around in our rooms.  Then we discovered that the internet was finally working!!!  Hurray!!!  I finally have access to the outside world!!!  I talked online for a while, then went to eat dinner at Oceanview Terrace.  I was really hungry, having not eaten much the whole day.  I ate a slice of pizza, pasta, and vegetables.  All vegetarian!!!  I was such a pig!!!   

Gosh, I really miss all of you lovely people back at home.  Come and visit me!!!  I’m so lonely and bored.

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  1. kiwiheaven says:

    hi christina!!!!don’t be bored!! i’m sure that things will look up soon… hang in there!!!

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