First off, I want to say that the ants are finally gone!!!  I came back from UCI yesterday, and they were just gone.  It’s quite amazing.  Anyway, I have to write about my adventures at UCI yesterday.  I woke up at 6 AM (so early!!!) and met Sharlene at 7 AM.  We got lost trying to find a way out of the parking structure.  There is no way out, I swear!!!  So by the time we reached the 101 bus stop, it was already like 7:15.  The bus came at like 7:30ish and we rode to the Amtrak station.  That was a smooth ride.  We thought that the train would leave at 9:30, but that was only on weekdays.  So we ended up taking the 10:03 train.  It was a $12 ticket.  Since we got to the Solana Beach station at 8:30, we had like an hour and a half to kill, so we went to get some breakfast.  We walked to a small cafe.  I got a bagel with cream cheese and jam with green tea.  I seriously miss boba and Chinese tea.  That green tea at the cafe was seriously too strong, and it’s not Chinese tea!!!  It’s just not the same.  Anyway, after we ate, we walked to the Solana beach and watched the surfer dudes for a while.  They were pretty good.  We took some pictures because it was really pretty.  Then we got back to the station.  At the station, there was this girl who didn’t have cash, only checks, and they wouldn’t accept her check.  The girl was panicking, so Sharlene accepted her check in exchange for a $20 bill.  We got to know that she was also a UCSD freshie like us and she was going home for the weekend.  So we got on the train.  It was really nice.  The scenery was really nice too.  When we got off at the Irvine station, Sharlene’s boyfriend dropped me off at UCI, and they went to hang out together.  I hung out with Jesse most of the time because everyone else went back to Arcadia.  I ate lunch with him and he gave me a tour of the campus.  Gosh, UCI was so nice!!!  It was so much easier to find places there than here at UCSD!!!  And they have buffet style meals!!!  At UCSD, food is so expensive and I don’t want to spend that much money so I end up not eating and feeling sick later on.  And Jesse’s room was so spacious!!!  Lots of room to put stuff.  He even had bookshelves!!!  And then the people are friendlier at UCI too!!!  Over here at UCSD, no one even talks to you!!!  So anyway, I had no idea how I was going to get back to the Irvine station because there were no busses going there at night.  It was 4 in the afternoon, and the last bus was at 4:30, so obviously, I was not going to make it to the stop.  And if I did go on that bus, I would have to make a transfer, which was very risky.  I panicked and was about to cry.  Jesse was trying to help me find a way back.  You see, originally, the plan was that I was going to go back with my roommate Beth, but she wasn’t picking up her phone when I called her.  So I called Sharlene, and she said that her boyfriend could give me a ride, but I felt bad because I knew they wanted to be alone.  But finally, Beth called me.  It turned out that she was low on batteries.  Anyway, she said that her friends could give us a ride back to the Irvine Amtrak station, so we were saved.  I told Sharlene, and I believe she was very happy too.  So I spent the rest of the afternoon with Beth and her friends.  They were very very nice.  I’m so unhappy at UCSD because people are really not nice.  Okay, that’s half of my story.  I’ll write the other half after I come back from shopping.

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