Depression and stress have overtaken this young college girl, and now she spends her days locked in her room studying and sleeping.  She wishes that she could travel back to her home so that she could eat the food she loves and be with the people she loves.  But stress has overcome her, as she breaks out all over her face and tries to cover it up with medicine.  But her efforts are futile.  Those darn pimples just will not go away.  She tries to forget about her troubles and woes by watching anime and Chinese soap operas and eating the fake Chinese food from the cafeteria.  This only makes her realize how pathetic and desparate she has become to get rice and Asian necessities.  Anime and Chinese soap operas cheer her up a little bit, but then she has the sudden realization that she must study for she has a bizillion tests coming up.  Depression settles in, and she becomes very weary, so she decides to study the insides of her eyelids for an hour.  An hour later, she gets off the bed and studies some more.  This cycle goes on everyday. 

Yes, I know that I’m very weird.  It’s really not my fault though!!!  School has made me crazy!!! 

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  1. chrissstinac says:

    hahhahahaa. awwwww.. what a sad story! U KNO WHAT?! i went to irvine yesterday and saw this bookstore that sold fruits basket comic books for 4.25!! <– is that expensive? but ANYWAYS… THEY HAVE BOOK 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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