Here are the adventures of Christina off-campus in San Diego:

I went with Beth to explore the wonders of the off-campus world.  We had no idea which bus to take, so we just got onto a random bus.  On the bus, we found out that it was taking us to the mall.  So we went to the mall.  At the mall, Beth shopped for clothes, and I didn’t want to buy anything just because.  We also had boba, which was nice.  They actually sold boba!!!  I had green tea like usual.  Then we decided to try to take the bus to go get Asian food.  We had no idea how to go, so we took a random bus again.  It took us to the apartments of La Jolla, and we got off because it didn’t seem like we were getting to the Asian places.  Once again, we had no idea where we were.  We started walking back to campus, and then the same bus that took us to the apartment place stopped, and we got on the bus.  The bus driver was like, “You walked all this way?”  It was funny.  So it took us all the way back to the mall.  LOL  We were laughing the whole way because we took the wrong bus.  So we asked the driver which bus we should take, and she told us.  So we got on the bus she told us to get on back at the mall, and it took us very very far away.  Then the bus driver stopped and told us that we should get off and transfer if we wanted to go to the place we wanted to go to.  He told us to take Route 25, so we tried to find the bus stop.  We couldn’t find it, and then we realized that Route 25 wasn’t going in the right direction anyway.  So we walked and walked.  It was getting kind of creepy, cause it was getting dark.  These weird guys in a car started whistling at us and stuff.  But finally we stopped and asked some people where the Asian place was, and they were like, “You’re trying to walk there?!!!!”  It turned out that it was 5 miles away.  There was no way we could walk there.  So we ended up eating at Denny’s.  All that trouble just to eat at Denny’s.  It was actually kind of funny though.  It was really dark by then, and we were scared to try to find a bus.  So Beth called her friend.  He said that we were really far away and how the heck did we end up there?  But he came and picked us up and took us back.  He had to go somewhere else, so he dropped us off kind of far from campus.  So we had to walk yet again.  Then we got tired of walking and it was painful.  We went to Ocean View Terrace and ate Ben and Jerry’s.  Yummy.  I had cookie dough.  That adventure was very random and scary.  I can’t believe I did that.  I could have died!!!  Good thing God protected us.  I mean, we just jumped on random busses without knowing where we were gonna end up.  And that neighborhood was not very good.  Scary guys.     

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  1. ilovesteaks says:

    Can’t you wait until the next time I go down to visit?   Don’t tell me you guys went all the way to the Denny’s on Miramar?!  I promise, I’ll take you to asian restaurant again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    man…..I think you’ve been hanging ’round me too much.  That’s something my family and I do!!!!!!!

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