Yay!!!  My Saturday was filled with funness!!!  I woke up at 9 AM, and I think I was the first person to get up in my suite.  Anyway, I tried to study for a while, but I didn’t really succeed because I slacked off.  At around 3, Emil, Christina, and Ruth came to visit me!!!!  Thanks Emil for driving all that way!!!  We went to deliver stuff to Jessica who lives in Revelle.  And then we headed over to Price Center.  We hung out at Price Center for a while, and then Emil took us off campus to Convoy Street, where all the cool Asian places are.  We shopped at a Japanese market, and then we went to a Chinese restaurant that was owned by Koreans.  It was kind of funny cuz Emil tried to speak to the waitress in Chinese, but she didn’t understand.  Anyway, I was so happy to have Chinese food!!!!  I actually was full after dinner!!!!  Throughout their visit, Christina was picture crazy.  She just had to take pictures of everything!!!!  It was quite amusing.  When we were in the car, we were listening to Emil’s Disney tape.  Everybody was singing along!!!  (ha ha…I missed your singing Christina!!!  It was great like always!!!)  Then when we got back to campus, Ruth and I tried to order Phantom of the Opera tickets (we made Christina call), but they were sold out of the good seats, so we couldn’t get tickets!!!     (Doesn’t that just suck Ruth?!!!  At least we might see it in NY together!!!  It’ll be worth the wait!!!)  Then they all had to leave, so we took one last picture together (Christina took like 3 last pictures), and they left.    I wanted to go with them, and I could have gone with them if I didn’t have one important class on Monday!!!  Stupid SD!!!  Why can’t we have a 4 day weekend?!!!  So after they left, there was nothing for me to do except go on my computer again, which is what I always do.  And that was my Saturday.  Again, thanks for driving Emil!!!  And thanks for cheering me up Ruth and Christina!!!  Thanks for the warm gloves and the picture frames Christina!!!  You people really cheered me up and made my weekend special!!!  If you hadn’t come, I would be soooooo bored.

Here are some pictures:

Here we are about to go inside the restaurant.

Ruth, me, and Christina in the restaurant.

Christina’s going picture crazy again, taking pictures of every single dish we ordered.

Christina and me…ha ha, Christina always cracks me up with her funny faces.

As we are about to say our adieus, we decide to take one last picture together.

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  1. chrissstinac says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Im SO glad you had fun too! SD was awesome! i wanna visit again! and eat more chinese korean food! HEH! which means.. MORE KODAK MOMENTS! and you know what?!!?!!? I FORGOT TO TAKE THE JOHNNY DEPP POSTER HOMMMEEEE!!! WHYEEEEE!!!?!? AHHA.. ok, miss you already! thanks for an AWESOME TIME! =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    wat? wat? I want a Johnny Depp poster too!!! JK.  I much rather have a w-inds poster.  Actually, i rather have a body like w-inds.  Actually, i dunno wat I’m talking about n e more.

  3. Nice pictures, definately tell you enjoyed every moment of it.  Always look forward for future good times and forsake the bad.

  4. elainer7124 says:

    Hello!~  Haha, Christina told me about SD while we were showering last night. =D  I hear you guys have a really pretty campus!  And flat grounds….I’m so jealous!!  We have too many hills here…bah!  =)  You should visit us sometime (and bring hiking boots…=P jk!)

  5. UCSD_ANDY says:

    Hello!  I tried calling you on Sunday morning cuz janice & faith flaked out on me & my car had space… but ur phone was off.  I hope u went to church! Hey, AACF BBQ at my place at 12:00 tomorrow.  COME!   

  6. awww…. i had tons of fun too… i love going to ucsd!!! i can’t wait to do it again… so glad we can make your weekend more enjoyable… lolz…. missing you!!!!

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