My Saturday was the most boring Saturday ever.  Actually, all my weekends spent at SD are really boring.  It’s cuz this stupid campus is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what I did:  I woke up around 10 AM after getting 11 hours of sleep.  Then I got bored, so I went online and looked through xangas.  I think I commented on every single xanga I subscribed to.    Hee hee…I was that bored.  Then I talked to Rie for a while, and then I went to eat breakfast.  So uneventful.  Then I went back to my room and sat around doing nothing.  I think I attempted to study chem a bit.  Then Beth woke up and we went to do our laundry.  All the stupid washers were full cuz ppl didn’t take their washed clothes out even tho it was done.  So we waited for half an hour to get a washer.  It took us three FREAKING hours to do all our laundry, and even after that, our bedsheets were not dry.  We accidently stuck in a whole dollar in the dryer, so it dried for 90 minutes.  One girl came in and saw the 90 minutes and said, “Who the freak are you?!!!”  Beth and I tried to refrain from laughing.  We started doing our laundry at 2, and guess what time we ended…5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So we ate some pizza and then Beth went out, so I was all alone to fend for myself once more in this cruel and boring world.  So I started studying for chem.  I got stuck on one problem for 2 stupid hours, and I was so frustrated I started crying.  So then I asked Jesse to help me online…geez Jesse you’re so freaking smart!!!!  Then I think I sat around again.  Yes, it was a very uneventful day, and you can seriously tell that I was bored because all I talked about in this entry was doing my laundry.  (sweatdrop)

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  1. connsters says:

    Glad to know you got that Chem problem solved. Or at least had someone help you with it! =)

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