So what did I do yesterday during the time that I was happy and carefree?  Before I looked at my first quarter grades?  Well…I went back to high school to visit!!!  Jesse picked me up around 9:50, and he wanted to get some breakfast, so we drove through McDonald’s.  Then I received a call from Tiffany asking us where we were because deans were surrounding her and Elaine!!!  So we rushed on over to school before Tiffany and Elaine could get caught. 

Then all of us went to the deans’ office to get visitor passes.  MAN, that lady who works there is so anal!!!  We had to go through so much just to get visitor passes!!!  SO STUPID!!!  Those office people are all bureaucrats, as Tiffany and my dad put it.  So after we got our passes, we went to visit teachers.  And we passed by the cutest looking mural ever!!!  We kind of lost Jesse on the way, sorry Jesse!!!  It was because Tiffany, Elaine, and I kind of wandered off. 

Elaine and I went to visit Ms. Daniel.  Ms. Daniel is so cool!!!  Such a cool teacher!!!  Tiffany, Elaine, and I went to visit Mrs. Uranga’s 4th period AP Senior English class, and we talked to them about college for a while.  It was really cool to try to help them by giving some advice.  I didn’t talk that much because…well…I never talk.  hee hee… I did say some stuff, but Tiffany and Elaine did most of the talking.  Then after that, Elaine parted from us.  Sniff sniff…

Anyway, then I went to visit yearbook for the yearbook party.  I saw Priscilla Kuo, Natasha Fong, Katrina Lin, Connie Wu, Cecilia Yang, and all those other wonderful high school people out there that I forgot to name.  It was so great to see Connie again!!!  Too bad Jamie and Joey couldn’t be there.  It would have been great if we could have a reunion. 

Everybody said that I looked different, not in a bad way though.  Ha ha.  I didn’t know that I changed that much.   Even Tiffany said that when she saw me at first, I looked different. 

Well, anyway, after yearbook, we found Jesse, and he took us to Tiffany’s house where we watched a Korean movie called My Sassy Girl.  It was a pretty good movie.  Funny and not that mushy, which is what I like.  After the movie, Tiffany and I educated Jesse by teaching him who the Powerpuff Girls were.  LOL. 

Then Jesse and I went to Stephen’s house because I had to drop off his Christmas present.  Stephen brought out his and Jesse’s present to me.  One word to describe it:  HUGE!!!!  I was like, “WHOA!!!”    I seriously can’t wait to open it.  I really wanna know what it is.  Christmas is almost here…just a few more days.  Don’t know if I can wait that long!!!   

Then Jesse and I dropped by Judy’s house to see if she was home.  Nobody was home, so he took me home.  That was when I found out from my mom that Judy and Melisa had dropped by my house around 4:00!!!!  I was so bummed out that I had just missed them because it was around 4:30.  Missed them by half an hour!!!!  Anyway, that was my day.  I didn’t go to my church’s Christmas program because I was so tired, and my mom was sick.  She’s still sick now, so today, I have to play Mommy and do all the chores.  Sigh…

Here are some pictures from our visit to AHS:

Stole, I mean borrowed =) this picture from Tiffany!!!  Katrina, Tiffany, me, and Connie at the Yearbook party.  It was so great to see Connie again!!!  Student Life RULES!!!

Three quarters of our notebook group UNITED!!!  Too bad Wing FORGOT!!!  hee hee…it’s just like her to forget though.  This picture is also “borrowed” from Tiffany since my camera wasn’t working too well yesterday.  So, it was just Elaine, me, and Tiffany.

This picture is finally from my camera!!!  YAY!!!  It’s another picture of Katrina, Tiffany, me, and Connie.

This is the cutest mural I have ever seen!!!  Whoever was involved with this mural deserves a bizillion gold stars!!!  hee hee…

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  1. Teehee, those pics are so beautiful.  Hmmmm, wonder why…oh yeah, cuz they’re mine!  Hehehe j/k!  Anyway, it was great visiting AHS with you.  Dunno if I’d want to go back any time soon, but we should hang some more!  I’ll see you at the Krikorian!  =D

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