I went to watch Lord of the Rings today.  It was good.  I’m kind of depressed right now though because I’m sick.  I think I’m coming down with something that I really hope is not the flu.  If it’s the flu, my parents are gonna say, “We told you so!!!”  Yah…I really don’t want them to prove themselves right.  My mom was still pretty sick today, so I couldn’t stay for the whole potluck.  I’m sad about that.  I also miss Rie.  She couldn’t come.  I hope she’s not mad at me, but if she is, I totally deserve it because I didn’t schedule the party on a day she could make it.    That’s all for today.  I’m just feeling thoroughly sick and sad about so many things.  I am too pathetic.  I do too many stupid things.  Why?  Because I am just plain stupid.  I wish I could change my personality into somebody I really like.  I think I’m just plain annoying to everybody.  No wonder everybody dislikes me. 

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  1. nobody dislikes you, if people disliked you they wouldn’t read your xanga or be your friend.
    don’t worry about what your coming down with.  if it’s the flu, it might be just like the one I had Sunday, there and gone in 24 hours.  1 Day flu.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hez rite…no one dislikes u. We all love ya. Ure prob one of my coolest frenz ever so dun talk about ureself like that k?
    o and i hope u recover from teh flu soon…im sure its nothin, really ^^ jus think happy thots =)

  3. UCSD_ANDY says:

    oh my goodness… i know at least one guy who luvs ya (besides Jesus.)  Okay okay, so he’s just a friend.  But he still likes you as a friend right?  hehe… before I annoy you further I’d like to wish you a merry christmas!  Enjoy the holidays  

  4. Anonymous says:

    MUWA!  Ryuichi is still undoubtly my favorite! many kisses to you too. wat? u missed me rite? I give you my randomness to make up for the times i wasn’t online and going to see the movie.  Keita…is quite sexy in a weeding dress, but no one pulls it better than ryohei!  he’s hilarious!!!!!! ryuichi is not in a dress (part thank goodness, part mani wanted to see that) yet.  Ryuichi talks a lot. Muwa! hugs and kisses and w-indsy x-mas!

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