Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!  Thanks for being so cool!!!  I love all my presents.  Here’s what I got:
-Inuyasha poster and Ranma 1/2 stickers from Tiffany
-Inuyasha poster from Jesse
-Kenshin poster from Ruth
-cute Strawberry Shortcake poster and a Jars of Clay CD from Priscilla
-very pretty BLUE =) scarf from Cindy
-lotion and Ranma 1/2 playing cards from Jean
-very nice, pretty, and useful mug from Rie
-cool, cool Calvin and Hobbes comic book from Wing
-very cool, useful hand cleanser from Elaine
-cool Chinese stuff from Lucy
-pretty flower decoration from Margie
-nice “Angel” quote book from Shirley
And last but certainly not least, a framed painting of my Chinese name from Stephen and Jesse!!!!  It’s so pretty!!!! 

Here are pictures:

Kenshin wallscroll, given to me by Ruth!!!!  It’s so beautiful that I just want to cry looking at it!!!

Here’s an Inuyasha wallscroll that Tiffany gave me.  Also very beautiful because Sesshoumaru is so HUGE, and he’s sooooo HOT!!!  heehee

This is the Inuyasha wallscroll that Jesse gave me.  Yay!!!  All the characters are in it!!!  And that means 3 hot guys!!!  ha ha

The very very cool framed painting of my Chinese name!!!!  Given to me by Stephen and Jesse.  I was about to cry when I opened it because it was just so…indescribably NICE!!!  And personalized!!!  I love personalized stuff!!!

This was not a present, but here’s my dad.  This is the reason why this vacation has been so boring.  My whole family came down with the flu.  Sigh.  Wasn’t it mean of me to take a picture of him while he was sick?!!!  Mwahahahaha…I’m so evil.

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  1. wow… guess everyone knows you really like anime huh… hehe… well wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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