Quiz from Tiffany:

Life Color

You scored mainly in the Water-Sky quadrant. This ‘Blue’ quadrant highlights the water sign of your personality and your tendency to be cool and free-flowing in most circumstances. Water from the sky provides the necessary resources for growth and this is a feature of your approach to life. You will enjoy the freshness of new ideas and actively seek these out, either by talking to others or by reading.

People who map into this quadrant will enjoy examining problems or making discoveries. Consequently, you may sometimes tend to take your time in coming to decisions which affect your day-to-day life. If there are any uncertainties, your natural reaction will be to postpone things until you are sure.

You are unlikely to enjoy conflict situations which, more than likely, will create stress for you. In these circumstances you may well be a ‘worrier’ and this could affect your health. As a result you will usually move to defuse any potential conflicts well before they occur.

You will be a considerate person and choose your words carefully so that you don’t upset others. Sometimes however, you may be so subtle that people don’t realize what you are feeling about a particular issue. You may need to check that people fully understand your views and incorporate these into their decision making.

Being a sky person, you may well have a strong imagination which causes you to fantasize about the future. Future possibilities interest you greatly whereas the past is something you can readily put behind you. However, be careful that you don’t live too much in the future. There are the realities of day-to-day living to think about.

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  1. Hehe, awesome how you got your favorite color and I got mine, huh?  =D

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