While everybody went to see Harry Potter today, I went to see the movie based on my favorite book in the whole wide universe!!!  Pride and Prejudice!!!!!  It was soooo sooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome.  I’m totally in love with it.  I would go see it again numerous times.

The cinematography was sooooo amazing.  They did a great job using the landscape to create the romantic atmosphere.  I also thought Keira Knightley did a great job with acting as Elizabeth Bennett.  Everybody did a good job portraying their characters.  It was soooo funny too.  Jane Austen is a genius at creating witty lines.  Just like how I laughed throughout reading the whole novel, I laughed during the whole movie.  And then I cried at the end.

Yah, so now I need somebody to go watch Harry Potter with.

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  1. for the sake of the male species, I hope you didn’t bring a guy to see Pride and Prejudice with you. =P

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