I got this awesome doll making site from Christina!!!  heehee…I’m having lots of fun with it.  This is how I want to look.  I couldn’t find the right hair, so this was the only style that had it up in a similar way to my hair style.

  And this….well, I just had fun making up a guy doll.  Hahahaha…yes, nerdy guys are cool.  I just had to put in the glasses. 

And another guy…I think he’s pretty hot.

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  1. chrissstinac says:

    hee hee funnnnnn site no?? =D i hope u dont fail this qtr cuz of the site. -_- cuz i failed spring qtr. HAHHHAHHA. ok. =) thanks for listening to me rant like always. and u know like always, im here for u. =) LOVE YOU.

  2. chrissstinac says:


  3. chrissstinac says:

    oh WOW the last guy has a reallllllly pimpy pose. O_O hahhahahaa.

  4. Cute!  The guy with glasses looks…*ahem* familiar. 

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