Each year brings a new lesson, something my Heavenly Father wants me to learn and to grow in.

Freshman year, God wanted me to learn to be less dependent on my family and friends back at home.  To be dependent on God alone.  God wanted to teach me that I needed to grow up, and the best way to grow up is to be far from home.  God taught me that I needed to expand my circle and make new friends.  And so I did. 

Sophomore year, God put me close to friends.  Beth lived upstairs, and God gave me awesome apartment mates.  God also allowed me to join a small group, so I was surrounded by Christian girls to talk to and to vent to.  I went home every week and had the support of my friends and family back at home.  I really needed this last year because I was going through a reality check of what I was supposed to do with my life.  I was confused about school.  Confused about boys.  Confused about life.  So having friends and family to talk to was great.  God knew I needed this.  And He taught me to learn from others and to take advice from others instead of being proud and thinking I knew all the answers.  God taught me that I had to let go of what I wanted with my life and surrender everything to Him.  To surrender my career goals and to surrender “boy problems.”

This year, God put me far away from people once again.  It’s another lesson and reminder of freshman year’s lesson.  I don’t have people to talk to because the live farther away.  I’m not surrounded by Christian girls anymore, so I have nobody to talk to.  So God is teaching me to be dependent on Him and look to Him for advice.  To pray.  To not expect too much of people.  It’s a hard lesson.  But I still have to learn it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yup.I guess I kinda-sorta know what you’re going through, especially the part where you’ve got no one to talk to. It sucks cuz I don’t have any of Christian sisters to talk to at school everyday, and I’m not able to attend church, so the only way I can really talk to any of my bros and sisters is on AIM, which is bad since it wastes time.Sigh. I guess God is weaning both of us off of the things that we feel we need, in order to realize that the only thing we really need is Him.Dependency on God is a hard thing to learn, but the pain of being stripped apart is worth it in the end. I will pray for you! Grace and peace,Connie

  2. I don’t think learning to distant yourself away is a good thing…I mean, sure there’s alot of crap people in the world, but not to expect anything from other people is like not to expect anything out of yourself….I say, be demanding! u need to speak out more…

  3. Thank you for the fun Chatta Monkee outing and for reintroducing me to the joys of recreational reading.  Peace and Merry Christmas!  ❤

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