I feel so alone and helpless sometimes.  There’s nobody I can depend on here except God.  But sometimes I really need a person.  A friend to call and ask a favor from when I’m in trouble.  A friend who will go out of the way to help me and not get all mad if it’s a favor that goes out of his/her way.

I wish I could be this friend sometimes.  This type of friend to my friends.  But I lack the courage.

I wish I had this type of friend.  But as I go through my list of phone numbers, nobody’s picking up or they’re all too far away to help.  What do I do?

I came to a realization.

If I were stuck on campus at night and the buses stopped running, I don’t think I would have anybody to call.  And what if the one friend I thought I could count on lacked the courage to come get me?  Would that friend summon the courage to help me or just let me walk home in the dark?  Or what if that one friend didn’t answer my phone call?

I guess if I were in that position, I’d just pray to God and walk home alone in the dark.

But if my friend were in that position, and I lacked the resources and the courage to help her, who could I call to get help?  Would I be able to help her as scared as I might be?

Sorry, most of you probably think I’m crazy right now because you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.  It just makes me sad when I realize I’d be walking home alone in the dark right now.  And nobody would know.  Except God.  I guess I’d just trust in God to keep me safe.

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