I wonder…..

Why things are the way they are…how they came to be…

I feel like things that were once so familiar are now so distant.  Things that just happened yesterday feel like they happened centuries ago.

It feels so good to laugh.  To laugh until my sides hurt…the way I used to laugh.  I think I take things too seriously now.  I think everybody takes things too seriously now.  Whatever happened to laughing and joking around?  Everywhere I look now, people are just moping around and complaining or pretending to be all grown up.  Whatever happened to childishness when nobody cared what anybody else thought?

Sometimes I laugh out loud at the library or when I’m walking on campus cuz I think of something funny.

Yes, people stare. 

But I’m starting not to care.

People need to act like a child sometimes.  There’s still an appropriate time and place for acting like a child. 

I was talking with my old suitemate from freshman year, and we were remembering funny incidents.  Like my old roomie and me studying and then have sudden outbursts of the randomest, silliest things.  Like she would say “Hoo ha, hoo haa!!”  And I would say “nananananana”

Or the time when our other suitemate brought her “male friend” to our suite and he stayed overnight.  When I was in the shower, unbeknownst to me, he was going pee.  So when I got out, he got out at the same time.  Thank goodness I at least had my underwear on. 

That is all.

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  1. ilovesteaks says:

    Don’t be so quick to grow up.  Have fun while you can before responsibilities overwhelm you.

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