And a chapter of my life has concluded.

Time to begin a new tale.

What will this story bring?  Adventure?  Romance?  Heart pounding thrillers?  Who are the side characters?

Time will tell.

God is the author of our epic tales.  He chooses to use literary devices such as trials, emotions, and people we meet to shape our lives.  The trials, emotions and people we face make up different adventures we have in our lives.  And when one adventure is finished, God lets us move on to another new adventure.  Here we will learn much more.  Through adventures, God makes us grow and mature.

We meet other characters who have their own epic tales.  For a brief chapter or two, our stories may coincide with each other.  But then we move on and leave those friends behind only to meet new characters.  It doesn’t mean that we will never see those old friends ever again.  Just that we have our separate stories to live out, and a chapter in a story can never be repeated again because that would make the story boring.

Each story cannot be the same.  God does not write cliches.  He writes masterpieces.  So we shouldn’t think, “Oh, I wish I could meet my future spouse the way so and so met her spouse.”  Our own love story will be an individual bestseller.  A legend that will be passed on through the generations to come.

We are not the writers.  God is the author.  We are the characters.  So we must let God work His genius.  So we cannot write our own love stories.  We cannot wish things to be a certain way no matter how we plead and cry (and believe me, I have begged and begged to no avail).

So, we must live.  Live and strive to become characters that will glorify our Author.

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  1. mechalance says:

    Christina! This is so inspring and encouraging!!!!! ^^

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