Man, I feel so bitter today. 

Bitter, bitter bitter.  Such a crappy mood.  Like right now, I seriously hate my life. 

Thank God for my friend Cecilia.  She swiped dinner for me!!!  And I even got dessert!!! 

So I’m trying to be optimistic.  My SD friends from Arcadia are awesome.  =D

It’s nice to have dinner with people instead of all by myself.  Sometimes I feel like one of those main characters on movies where they go home after work, eat by themselves, and then sleep.  And that’s their life. 

It’s just me and my writing (stories and poems).  So lonely.

I feel so unloved sometimes.  Like totally not popular.  And totally alienated.  Stupid big campus.  I can never see people I want to see.  I never bump into people I know.  It’s all unfamiliar in a familiar environment.

But yes….I keep praying that God will give me a heart of peace and patience.  And a positive attitude. 

I still want to listen to angry music though.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tomorrow, Tomorrow! I luv you Tomorrow! you’re just a day away!

  2. Angry music is really a de-stresser sometimes, they say the stuff you want to say out loud yourself….but really, yes, there’s still tomorrow but* you can do something about it today.

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