Three Worlds

I think I live in three worlds (or lands).

Reality, Fantasyland, and Memoryland (or Neverland).

Reality is more like life than a different land.  It’s the real world in which I must suffer through school, realize that grades do matter, and know that there are mean and cruel things happening outside of school in the big beyond.  It is also the world in which I must face rejection and hurt as well as *ahem* boys and crushes and romance in the present (maybe) and future. 

Fantasyland is, of course, my writer’s world.  It is the world in which I live through the characters in my story.  I am the narrator, creating lives and adventures.  It is the most fun of the worlds, and I like to explore every crevice and surface of this land.  People think I’m crazy when I talk about this land in the world of Reality.  But it’s okay because they’re the boring ones.  =D  I’m NOT crazy when I talk to my characters in my head and pretend they’re real.  It’s not MY fault that they come alive!!!

Memoryland is very much like Neverland.  It is the land in which I do not want to grow up.  It is the world in which I forget about current reality and hang out with my high school friends and have lots and lots of fun.  I totally forget about all the friends that I’ve made since after high school, and everything becomes so innocent again.  I can laugh really really loud and not be afraid of who I really am.  I don’t have to be embarrassed about anything, and I don’t have to put up a facade.  I am truly ME. 
       Like… Rie’s party.  I was able to just forget about everything in my current life and be myself.  It was like these past 3 years had never happened, and we were just continuing our “high school” lives.  It was really great.  For those few hours, everything was okay again.  Life wasn’t tainted.  It was fun!!!


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  1. mechalance says:

    yay yay! go go Christina!Fantasyland and Memoryland are awesome places, but let’s look forward to the most awesome land of all, God’s Kingdom!!! ^^

  2. We really should get together more often, what are u doing in spring break?? give me a call!

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