I went ice skating with high school friends yesterday.  It was overall a pretty fun experience since it was my first time.  I fell 3 times, got bruised A LOT, and my leg muscles hurt horrendously, not to mention during one of my falls, I grabbed hold of a random guy’s arm.  That’s got to be the most embarrassing moment of my life.  AND when he tried to help me up, I just could NOT get up.  I think he was pretty cute though.  That just made it worse.  If he were like a daddy or something, it would have been LOTS better.


But despite the most embarrassing moment of my life happening, I realized that a positive attitude is key to not giving up.  If I had just sat on the side without even trying to get on the ice, I would have been bored out of my mind, not to mention 10 bucks would have gone down the drain.  So I’m glad I didn’t allow my humiliations to make me miss out on the fun.  And my friends are awesome!!!  They helped me along the whole time!!!


So…even if life gives you bruises and scrapes, try to keep a positive attitude.  And most of all, rely on God.  Hold God’s hand, and He will not let you fall.  I realize that I really give up too quickly.  I let a bad grade or a bad day ruin everything for me to the point where I just give up.


So instead of saying “I give up” so quickly, I’m learning to say, “I will try my best, but if God closes that specific door, I will not give up because God has another door wide open, waiting for me.”

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  1. Yeah, ice skating was fun, we should do it again next time! I wonder when we will all be free again though…sigh…

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