Would you save the life of an animal over a child?

OK, so maybe that’s an extreme question.  But you know what I find annoying?


When some couples treat a pet like their child and say that they don’t want children because their pet is their kid.


I don’t have a problem with pets.  Have all the pets you want.  Whatever floats your boat.  What I do have a problem with is……..there are so many children out there who have been abandoned and need loving homes.  So how can people spend thousands of dollars on a pet and not care about a human child?  I just don’t understand.


Yes, I know that kids are harder to take care of.  But I mean, the least they could do is donate money to orphans.  It seems like some couples just hate kids and don’t want to do anything to help.


It just makes me sick sometimes to see how many babies are being aborted and how many children are living without the blessing of a safe, secure home with loving parents.


Instead….cats and dogs are getting a life of luxury while children are being killed or tormented.


This world is so weird.


What brought on this thought in my head?  I certain “person” who shall not be named.  Actually, a certain young married couple that shall not be named.


Sorry, it just makes me really angry.  I really want to work at an orphanage one day and adopt a few babies.

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  1. Although I doubt they could make great parents anyway if that’s their frame of mind…

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