Wow…I just checked everybody’s xanga for the first time in ages, and I’ve discovered an amazing finding.  You people have LIVES!!!!  Sorry, I don’t want to sound mean.  No, no, actually I DO intend to sound mean.  You are looking at the new Christina.  The Christina of San Diego/La Jolla.  The Christina that people don’t stereotype as “that quiet girl.”  Definitely not the Christina of Arcadia.

Since I haven’t updated in a long long time (for me), here’s what’s been going on in my life.

But I’ve been living the life of an almost hermit.  It’s quite fun really.  I don’t need anybody.  All I do everyday is wake up, read the Bible, go to class, go to the gym, take a shower, eat, study, read my lovely books, write my lovely stories, and then go to bed at 10, only to rise at 5:30/6:00 AM and start the cycle once again.  It’s a productive process.  It’s life.

My life.

Who do I hang out with?  People that you don’t know.  Only one of them is on facebook.  And she’s a hermit too.  I took a Latin Dance class with her this quarter, and we go to the gym and play squash with this guy from Latin dance.  After last week, my arms were really sore just from playing squash.

Oh, and we learned the ARGENTINE TANGO!!!!  I liked the music.  It was kinda…*ahem* too close for comfort, but it was fun.  The girls learned how to do those “dippy things.”  I have no idea what the name for it is. 

Who do I talk to? 

1.  The one and only RIE TAKATA!!!!  Of course.  We have secrets.  MANY secrets.  Muahahahahaha.  And she tells me funny stories.  Rie’s the best!!!

2.  The aforementioned friend who goes to the gym with me.  She’s awesome!!!  But I shan’t reveal her name because she has too many stalkers as it is.

3.  My old roomie….BETH!!!!  Only, we call each other only to hang up right away.  I swear, we’re the weirdest people ever.

4.  My small group!!!  Which meets every Wednesday night. 

5.  My lab partner….who is extremely nice and explains everything to me.  She even has the same schedule as me!!!  Gets up at 5, goes to bed at 10.

6.  My current apartment mate Margie….although it’s rare since she goes to bed at 5 AM and I wake up at 5 AM. 

7.  And last but should be first, and definitely NOT NOT least.  GOD!!!  Simply because He is my best friend. 

And now….onto my favorite hobbies!!!!  Let me introduce you to……..READING AND WRITING!!!!  *they take a bow, since I have personified them*

I think I bought 20 something books this quarter and borrowed about 15.  And I read all but maybe 3.  I can read one in like an hour or two before I go to sleep.  So it’s really just an alternative to watching TV, which I don’t do anymore.  I should cancel my cable.  Reading stories is so much more entertaining.  I think the people downstairs think I’m crazy because I’ll be laughing my head off at something witty in the book. 

As for my stories, I’ve been working on a sidestory to the fantasy series I’ve been writing.  I’m excited!!!  I love my characters.  They tell me what they are about to do in the story.  I don’t tell them.  They reveal it to me in my dreams.  Yes, I talk to imaginary people in my head.  Please don’t lock me up!!!

Anyway, I have made my appearance in the social realm of the world.  Back to my hermitage to study none other than….cell bio and write none other than….my lab report.

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  1. ilovesteaks says:

    glad that you’re happy with who you are!  not everyone needs a million friends by our sides.  since you interact with people you really aren’t a hermit… and that’s a good thing! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    YAY! We xanga-readers miss you!

  3. You’re not a hermit! Sounds pretty social to me. 🙂

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