Why Am I Writing This Instead of Studying for Cell Bio?

This quarter has been so weird.

I actually didn’t mind staying at school on weekends.  I liked being by myself to have quiet times with God and reflect on life.  I had more time to read and write and hang out with SD friends. 

One thing I’ve been writing besides my stories are letters. 
Letters to whom?  Letters to my future husband.  Just sharing with him what I’ve been learning and doing.  Even sharing with him that although I may have crushes right now, I’ll always wait for God’s timing so that when he actually shows up in my life, I’ll be ready for him.  I even told this “phantom husband” that the crushes I may have now are nothing compared to him. 

Yes, it may be extremely sappy and stupid of me to do this, but I find that it really helps to remind me to reserve my heart and to remember that God’s plan is above my own.  So everytime I start daydreaming or become wistful/wishful about how I wish I had a boyfriend or how I wish that a certain someone would like me, I write a letter to my phantom husband.  And then my head is cleared and I can study again without that certain distraction.

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  1. ilovesteaks says:

    you’ll miss SD when you graduate… I’ll be down there again in late August for… you guessed it! a race… a half marathon.

  2. LuvNChristVL says:

    mmm, interesting philosophy. i’m glad you know where your heart is and how to take care of it. =)

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