I really really love my parents.  I admire them so much.  They are just such godly people who strive to do what is right in God’s sight.  When I grow up, I want to be like my mom, and I want to marry someone like my dad.


Seriously, I’ve never seen people with such patience.  Through so many hardships and struggles, I’ve always seen my parents just sit down and pray.  They’re always willing to listen to people who complain to them even when they have their own problems and have busy schedules.


And they are never too busy to talk to me.  They always give me advice, and they are sooooo open about things.  Unlike many parents out there, my parents talk about relationship issues.  I’m not afraid to tell them anything.  And they never yell at me about my grades.  I’d actually trust my parents to arrange a marriage for me.  (Although I’m not letting them.)


I also really really LOVE my grandma.  She is the most patient, graceful, godly lady I know.  I have never seen her lose her temper or yell at anyone.  Everybody picks on her, but instead of lashing out at them, she prays for them.  Everyday as she kneels by her bed.  She takes care of everyone without complaining.  And she puts herself last.  She serves and does not expect to be served.  And she’s so strong.  Her life shows it.  She survived a war (WWII), survived giving birth to 6 boys and 1 girl,  and survived the Communist takeover of China (in which my grandparents fled overnight, taking nothing but the clothes on their back).


I don’t know what compelled me to write this entry, but I was just thinking about it this morning.  Someday I want to write books on people in my family and extended family.  My dad was telling me very interesting stories about his side of the family (extended family).  And my mom has interesting tales about her side too.

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  1. It’s sweet that you’re so close to your family.  I like your parents, too; they’re always so kind and welcoming.  And understanding of our strange antics.  XD
    Thanks for reminding me about YouTube.  I’ve now gotten completely caught up with Ouran.  Tamaki’s really starting to grow on me (especially after Episode 8…my favorite episode ever!), but I still want to see more focus on Kyouya.  For some reason I just love misunderstood characters. =]

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