The Last Day of Summer

The wind has changed. Yesterday it felt warm, calm, soothing. Today it leaves me chilled and lonely. The beach has been deserted. The sand feels rugged and calloused beneath my feet, not the same sand of summer–soft and caressing. It is time to say goodbye.

I look up and see the moon, full and glowing as it surrounds me with its silvery strands of light. I walk down a path–trees on either side of me. The leaves on the trees have already started to turn those earthy colors and vibrant colors. Some of them have fallen to my feet, and I tread upon them with a satisfying crunch. The scene is beautiful in its own way.

So it is with a bittersweet farewell to summer that I embrace autumn into my heart.

And it is a new season of life that I must accept as I bid my adieus to the friends of summer and welcome the friends of autumn I have yet to meet.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    awwww… šŸ˜€

  2. ilovesteaks says:

    just so I don’t repeat my mistake… I’ll be in San Diego on the 19th and the 20th for my half marathon.  If you’re down there… let me know, we can go have noodles like the old times. =)

  3. chrissstinac says:

    but ur friends of … er… spring/summer/autumn/winter are always here for you!!! WHY DO U NEED NEW FRIENDS WHEN YOU HAVE ME?!?!?!?hahahha jk jk. =)

  4. hey ru back in sd already?!?! grrrr, man… and i’m finally free too….-“-

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