I went to high school today.  It turns out that I actually failed some classes, so I didn’t really graduate.  Which means there’s a whole controversy about whether I should be allowed to stay at UCSD.  How sad!!!  I might have to repeat a whole year of high school and 3 years of college!!!





If you believed that, you are one gullible person.  I ain’t gonna repeat 4 whole years of school!!!  I went to high school because my brother had to do his registration stuff.  He’s gonna be a freshman!!!  Anyway, it’s surprising how so much has changed.  All the murals are different, but they kept Margie’s mural.  She’ll be happy about that. 


And I leave you with a story.

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who longed to be a faery.  So one day she left home and flew far away to the Land of Fantasy and Dreams.  There, she was able to dance with the unicorns at midnight under the silv’ry stars winking down at her.  She watched as flowers, spun from thread of gold, red, violet, and blue, grew ten feet tall.  Day after day, she played with the magical forest creatures.  And she felt happy.  For awhile.  As time passed on, she started to miss her home and her family.  But she did not want to leave the Land of Fantasy and Dreams.  However, one day, she felt so lonely that she decided she needed to go home.  So she flew back home and after looking in on her sleeping parents, she fell asleep in her warm bed.  When she woke up, she decided that she would stay at home where she was loved.  Occasionally, however, she would get bored.  And when she got bored, she would fly away to the Land of Fantasy and Dreams.  But she always made sure she flew home in time for dinner.

The End.

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  1. I really like the way you write your fantasy storys, sounds very pretty and cute at the same time. Are we getting together soon, or else I’ll be having finals soon…

  2. bingfyre says:

    well… *I* believed you.  was it because:
    A) i think you are dumb enough to have failed high school… muahaha
    B) i think (thought) you are (were) incapable of such paralyzing deceit… sob…
    C) i think gullibility is admirable.  because it is a sad fate to wander the earth always secretly questioning everything that everyone says, and looking to your left when your right shoulder is tapped, just to ensure that you never play the fool…
    D) i’m dumb

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