Yay!!!  I’m home in Arcadia!!!!  I feel peaceful and comfortable and safe once more.

Plus, I get lots more food.  Everytime I come back home, my mom says that I lost weight.  I think it’s cuz I eat nothing but sandwiches and fruit at school.  But when I come home, I cram food into my mouth.

Anyway, school is actually kind of nice so far.  I really like where I live now, and I’m never lonely anymore.  I have my car, and I can go anywhere I want.  I always get a ride to church now (since I have my car), which means no more Sundays of listening to sermons online. 

I was thinking about how we always worry so much as students.  We worry about midterms and finals and what job we’re going to get.  We complain and complain.  But the thing is, we can still solve these problems.  They aren’t really life or death situations.  There are REAL problems out there.  Future parents who discover that their unborn baby has Down’s Syndrome and they struggle to decide to keep the baby or to abort the baby.  Families with starving children who don’t know when their next meal will be. 

So I’ve decided that I need to stop complaining and to be content.  I need to be a blessing to other people and to be a light shining brightly for God in this dark world.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    i think that no matter what, asian parents will ALWAYS say that we’ve lost weight and need to eat more.  it’s a given.
    and ya, the more i see more of real life, and see people’s real problems, which i couldn’t imagine having to handle, the more i realize that MY problems are silly by comparison.  but i think it’s ok to complain a bit, cuz you don’t wanna be content, cuz you still wanna be driven deal with your problems.  but you don’t wanna get into the mentality that you have it SO bad, and you’re the world’s biggest victim.  perspective is key! 😀

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