Soo…….who went to office hours last Thursday?  And who went to office hours again today?

I DID!!!!  =D  After 3 years of being scared of professors, I have finally gone to office hours!!!  And it wasn’t that bad!!!!  Yay!!!  I’m growing up!!!

But not everything is going “hunky dory” or “peachie.”  Today, I missed my bus, so I decided to take the same bus going the other way around.  Since the whole route is just a circle, I figured it would take the same amount of time as waiting for the next bus to come.  BUT….I was WRONG!!!!  I sat on the bus for a whole HOUR!!!!  I could have driven to UCI and visited lots of friends in an hour!!!! 

Oh well…at least I know never to do that again.

And I have a new boyfriend.  His name is Dried Mangoes.  I love Dried Mangoes!!!!  Sooooo yummy!!!!

And I love the fantasy series I’m reading.  It’s like fantasy/romance.  Not too much romance, but just enough to bring a smile.

The End.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    Dried mangos!!!! he’s been cheating on me?  well come to think of it, i haven’t really devoted any attention to dried mangos for awhile now, but maybe it’s time to restart the fire.
    but aiya with campus buses and aiya with romance novels

  2. Good job with going to office hours! Dried Mangoes is your boyfriend? Uh oh…we have some competition here!

  3. wuh_ai_nee says:

    🙂  i only went to OH once in ug.  i never had anything intelligent to say or ask… because EVERYONE knows that when they say “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” they’re TOTALLY lying.  anyway, good job!  i think professors are definitely an untapped source

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