I have such random thoughts on my walk home from the bus stop.  Today I thought of three things.

1.  I’ve been wearing black lately.  A LOT of black, from head to toe.  I think I need to stop cuz it’s really hot wearing all black all day.

2.  I live near a park with SWINGS!!!  And lots of little kids.  I want to go on the SWINGS!!!  But then I’d have to go when all the little kids go home.

3.  I really hate my voice.  I sound like a little kid or a  really girly girl.  It’s very annoying.  Maybe I should disguise my voice.

Oh, and this fantasy series I’m reading is really really good.  I think I mentioned it in my entry yesterday.  But what the guy says to the girl is like something I want some guy to say to me one day.  Sigh….

I’ll just put a little quote in here for sappy reasons.  I’m allowed to be sappy for just this week!!!

“Almost everything about you is a contradiction, and I love each one.  I love that you are a Singer, but that most of the songs you know are in a tongue no one understands…..I love that you make what is perhaps the worst pot of tea I have ever been asked to endure.  I love that you still tear up at sad songs you have sung a thousand times.  I love that your best friends are a giant half Bolg and the most obnoxious creature I have ever laid eyes on, they are rude to you beyond measure, and yet you love them like brothers…..I love that you have a better right cross than I have, and, even though you’re half my size, you’re not afraid to use it on me….And I especially love that you speak your mind to me, even when I don’t want to hear it…” 
(what Ashe, the main guy character, says to Rhapsody, the main character)

Why did I waste 3 years of my life on 2 guys who probably only thought of me on average 3 times a week, when I know that God will provide me with THE guy someday who will actually LOVE me?  Sigh….

heehee…it feels sooooo good to be free from crushes now.  I hope it lasts until the right one comes.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    hi! you should try a manly voice and see what happens.  yay for your newfound liberation (although i have no idea what you’re talking about) 😀

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