Yesterday I was at the library studying, and this group of kids comes in.  I think they were on a field trip.  Anyway, they were kind of loud, so I stopped studying to observe them.  And I remembered when I was little and had field trips.  How I miss those days!!!  Innocence and purity.  Sigh….

There were four main types of kids that I observed:

Type 1:  The loud “know it all” kids who like lots of attention.

Type 2:  The class clowns who try to turn everything into a joke. 

Type 3:  The “couldn’t care less” kids who are looking forward to going home.

Type 4:  The shy kids who hang in the back trying not to be noticed by the teacher so they don’t get called on.

I was definitely Type 4.  What were you?


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  1. I think I’m Type 5: Just going along for the fun because they’re not sitting in a classroom for a change…

  2. bingfyre says:

    what? there’s no “normal” option?
    haha it wouldn’t apply anyways.
    i’m a combination of all 4! (maybe all 5).  i used to be mostly 4, and then add in 1, and then overlay with 2, and now maybe with a pinch of 3.  and definitely 5 the whole time, except when 3 is high 😀

  3. phie1116 says:

    Heehee, kids are so cute.I used to be Type 1. And then I started to do bad in school, and I didn’t have any friends, and I didn’t know all the answers anymore. So then I became type 4. It is easier to hide. Until middle of high school, when I realized I actually knew some of the answers, and some people actually liked me, and I was making friends again.. I’m mix of type 1 and type 4. Depending on how confident I feel.

  4. chrissstinac says:

    i was definitely 3. ho ho ho.
    the book’s for u to keep. =)
    u are captivating, christina. =D

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