I think I’m having a little too much fun this year, but at the same time I’m studying more than I’ve studied before.  Maybe I’m finally happy after all these years in college.  Finally, and I’m a 4th year too!!!

Today I ditched class for the first time since freshman year.  I’m starting to live a little!!!  I went to Borders and IKEA with my housemates.  Sure, I feel a little guilty about ditching, but I had FUN!!!! 

Now this weekend, I have to settle down and write my essay for Children’s Literature.  The topic is to talk about a folktale tradition from a country outside of Europe and America.  And we have to talk about the audience and culture behind the folktales.  So guess what country I picked!!!  CHINA!!!  of course.  My thesis is something about how Confucian philosophy plays a big part in folktales.  I spent like three days in the library doing research and reading all these folk/fairy tales.  And it was fun!!!  I was doing fun stuff that was actually work!!! 

That is all.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    wheee!!!! wild christina!
    that’s so weird to think about… that not ALL majors involve numbers and calculations.  i’m not sure i ever actually considered anything besides engineering for some reason.  reading folktales doesn’t sound so bad šŸ˜€

  2. wuh_ai_nee says:

    definitely live it up while you still can! college years were the best of my life…

  3. ilovesteaks says:

    wow what a rebel! when I was in college, good ‘ol UCSD, my friend always coerced me to ditch my psych classes to go get scones, but I never ate one.

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