Why are the majority of songs about love?  Rejection of love, love everlasting, pining after love, love for God, love for people. 

Maybe it’s because humans are very emotional.  We have a soul.  We want “to love and be loved in return.”  Even if some of us do not appear emotional to the outside world, it’s probably because we do not want to appear vulnerable.  But not wanting to appear vulnerable does not mean that one is NOT vulnerable.  Everybody needs to be loved. 

Who we turn to for that love is another matter completely.  Some people turn to money, some to popularity.  These people think that they can be loved by others because they have money, looks, and popularity.

Others, girls especially, try to look hot and attractive because they believe someone will love them if they look beautiful.  They want love and so look for a guy to tell them that they are beautiful, that they are worth something.  They think this will fill the hole in their heart.  They are willing to have sex in hopes that a guy will love them for it. 

Who will fill the emptiness and longing in our hearts?  Who will give us fulfillment and contentment?  When the excitement of the world dies, when we lose our money and the whole world seems to be against us, when Prince Charming turns into Prince A$$h01e, when we grow old and our beauty fades away, who will still love us?  Love us not because we deserve it but because we don’t deserve it. 

He is our true Prince, not Prince Charming, but the Prince of Peace.  He is better than our “hero on a white horse” because He is the hero of mankind who died for us so that we could live with Him forever. 

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  1. mechalance says:

    ever considered writing for the Daily Bread? =DNice writing!!! Uplifting!!!

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