Today I sat in the middle of a courtyard and watched the trees swaying in the wind.  No shades of blue nor puffy white clouds for me to appreciate.  Only gray and brown.

Or so I thought.

I looked up from the brown trunks of the trees and discovered green, gold, red.  I looked down and discovered life in the carpet of grass springing from the bare ground. 

No sun smiling down on me.  Instead, the wind sighs heavily upon my face.  But it is a wistful sigh that focuses my attention upon it.

And I realize that God is speaking to me, calling my attention. 

I’ve been busy.  Too busy complaining about how the days grow darker earlier.  About how the weather grows colder.  But today, time stopped in the courtyard and I realized that God is the most amazing, most creative painter. 

Summer is great.  It will always be my favorite season.  But there is beauty in every season.  God has made every season with a unique beauty.  Different colors, different auras.  But all are God’s masterpieces for us to admire and appreciate.

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  1. My favorite season is fall cause it’s the prettiest!!(i.e. the trees) Can’t beat Halloween and Thanskgiving! lol. Plus cold weather makes warm rooms extra delightful.

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