This weekend was my first time driving home and back to San Diego all by my lonesome self.

Fine, Mr. Backpack was with me, but I swear that he said nothing to me to keep me awake!!!

I went home at 4:15 AM Saturday morning, which was nice cuz there was NOOOO traffic.  Then today I came back to SD, and there was LOTS of traffic.  I spent like an hour and a half just sitting there in traffic from San Clemente to Oceanside.  My mom said it was cuz there was a fire around there.

I went to Borders on Saturday and bought 3 classics, so I was very very happy.  heehee

And that was my weekend.  No studying was involved.

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  1. bingfyre says:

    4:15AM!? whaaa??
    i like driving by myself, cuz then i can sing really loud 😀

  2. Smiley711 says:

    yay for no studying…are you sure you didn’t buy romance novels? hehehe…i agree with the person who commented before me…you should sing to yourself when you’re driving. =0)

  3. Whoaa!  You drove all by yourself that early in the morning?  Major props to you for not falling asleep!
    And we’ve got to see each other some time!  If not Thanksgiving, then definitely over winter break!  Christmas potluck maybe?  =)

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