When I get C’s this quarter, I want to know that I did my damn hardest anyway.  If a C is all I can get, so be it.  I was a captain who sunk with my ship until the very end.

Yes…I’m VERY optimistic today.

Optimistic in a very sarcastic way.  Blehhhhhh

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  1. itsasony says:

    Hi Christina. I hope you’re still having fun. I tried to have fun with my bad grades. But my attitude was always if I’m going to get a C at least I didn’t work very hard for it and if I do better… suckas! Tap into the Grace of God for your joy. =)

  2. phie1116 says:

    GO GO GO, Christina!!!!haha, that just reminds me of this guy at work, he has a daughter that calls football gogoawwhh, and football helmet gogohat, because her dad always says “GO GO!!….. AWWWWHHH” when he watches football.

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