My Very Random Thoughts….as I didn’t want to think about finals

I sat on that lonely bus on my way home from my last final.  I stared out the windows into the dark, soul-less night.  We passed hundreds of windows, glowing brightly from thousands of tiny lights.  I wondered how many people were sitting in front of those windows dreaming about the future, sipping hot chocolate, frantically studying for finals, gorging on dinner, or just loving life.  It’s amazing how every person has a special story.  Not a single soul counts for nothing. 

It’s winter–a season filled with contrasting emotions.  Cold weather, yet the heart is filled with the warmth of Christmas and of love.  Busy and fast-paced from shopping and family gatherings, yet slow on those long nights staying awake reading in bed.  Filled with old traditions, stories, songs, yet creating a fresh memory with a NEW Christmas and a NEW beginning of a NEW year.

But I long for it to be spring again.  And then summer.  I crave warmth.  I crave long days, short nights.  Greens, bright yellows, magentas, and the bright blue sky without a rain cloud in sight.

I want to see the sunset.  I want to sit in the midst of a golden field of blossoms and inhale the sweet spices that send swooning sensations to my head.  And watch the sunset.  Really watch the way the sky stretches its lazy arms and bids us adieu until the morrow.  And then I want to watch the fireflies slowly make their way out into the world, thousands of small golden lights filling the night sky like gleaming stars of fire. 


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  1. Smiley711 says:

    beatifully written… but i still like winter more… =0)

  2. If only I can write as well as that, sigh…. I second on winter being the best! (just because we’re in CA, haha)

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