Heehee….I got free dinner today!!!!!   It’s cuz my friend works there and treated me to dinner cuz she gets half off anyway.

I just felt like bragging.

Anyway, I wanted to make a list of the Top 10 Reasons Why Christina Fong Should Not Leave Home Without Her I-POD and a BOOK.

10.  At the gym, she starts watching the seconds tick by in hopes that her workout is almost through…and it the seconds seem like hours.

9.  Without a book, she starts staring at the environment around her in hopes of locating a hot guy…but to her dismay, she realizes that she is in UCSD, meaning NO hot guys.

8.  Her i-pod gives her a fast and steady beat so that she can walk to class faster.

7.  When eating lunch, a book will occupy her mind so that she will not think about how this is the 47th time this week that she has had to eat a homemade sandwich because she is poor and cannot afford restaurant/cafeteria-bought food.

6.  She will not think about depressing, horrible things because she can read fairytale-like plots instead!!!

5.  If she is dragged by her friends to a party, she can sit in a corner and read and be anti-social.

4.  She can use her i-pod to tune out the world so that she can avoid the people passing out flyers on library walk.  This means she can pretend that she can’t hear them even though she knows exactly what they are saying.

3.  She can read on the bus so she doesn’t have to stare at the weirdos sitting next to her.

2.  She can use the book that she has in her hands as reminder that she cannot pull the cord on the bus to stop at the bookstore because she CANNOT afford to get books anymore. 

1.  If she forgets her cell phone and her keys in an effort to remember that she must not leave home without her i-pod and her book, she’ll have something to read and music to listen to for the next three to seven hours until one of her housemates comes home to open the door.

Oh, and look at the newest book series I’m reading!!!  It’s so cute!!!  It’s a whole series featuring nerds as heroes!!!  Haha…yes, I know I’m weird.  But….for your information, it’s not just me.  Lots of my friends are reading it.  Well, the friends who like to read for fun that is.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. icjesus says:

    No hot guys in UCSD, eh? So I should be looking for a girlfriend down there???

  2. Smiley711 says:

    hahaha… you’re funny. =0)

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