My new genre of books to obsess about….Christian romance novels!!!!  I discovered this book because the series into Hallmark movies.  It’s like Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables combined!!!

For the record, I do read regular literature.  In fact, I LOVE regular literature.  But….sometimes reality types of fiction really really scare me.  I read the first chapter of The Lovely Bones where the main character gets murdered.  And then I had a really really bad nightmare about the girl getting murdered and I woke up in cold sweat at like 2 AM.  I just lay there for like 2 hours and didn’t even dare move because my imagination is too vivid and I was scared that the characters would jump out of my book and become real and kill me.  I was tempted to knock on my housemate’s door in hopes of sleeping on her floor.  I haven’t had such a horrible nightmare since I was like in 8th grade!!! 

No more scary stuff for me.  That’s why I like fun reading books like Christian books and romance novels.  They aren’t scary.  They make me happy.

ANYWAY, I’m going to have to put that book in my housemate’s room so it’s not next to me when I sleep.

Right now, I’m watching American Idol!!!  Yay!!!  I like hearing them sing.  heehee

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  1. Karolynet says:

    don’t be scared. i will protect you 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    GAH!Lovely Bones is a distrubing book….

  3. Hi Christina! Lori Wick is a really good Christian romance novelist too. The Princess and Sophie’s Heart are my favorites.

  4. bingfyre says:

    christian romance novels?!
    i think i have whiplash from shaking my head
    you’ve finally found the perfect solution >:P

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