I am usually a very cautious person.  I never take up dares, I never do spur of the moment things, and I am VERY schedule-oriented.  If things are not according to my schedule, I freak out.  That’s why I get mad when people are late.

Anyway, I really really want to throw caution to the wind.  I want to be impetuous, rebel, and live for the moment.  For just one day.  Or a week.  Would things end in chaos?  Would I regret my impulsive decision to be impetuous?  Most probably. 

But I still want to see what it’s like.

I also want to go back to the mall and buy a dress I tried on the other day.  I don’t feel like calculating the costs and I want to stop being afraid of spending money.  Maybe I will go back and buy it.  I really liked it.

I want to do something crazy.  Something I would never do in a right state of mind.  Something that doesn’t seem like me.  Like sing at the top of my lungs in the rain at the beach.  Or wear something I consider to be scandalous and then go to the zoo or a museum in it.  Or dye my hair blue…..

This is hard.  I can’t think of cool things to do.  This just means I never considered doing crazy, weird things before.  All the more reason to do them.  Must think of more…

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  1. Smiley711 says:

    i don’t think there’s anything wrong with you being a cautious person, but it would be cool to see you spontaneous. =0)(i say buy the dress b/c you look extra beautiful in it. =0) )

  2. bonddelight says:

    just don’t shave ur head bald or get tattoos like britney spears

  3. phie1116 says:

    I agree with smiley711, there’s nothing wrong with being a cautious person. Proverbs 21:5 The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.But, totally, go for doing something fun and crazy!! Though, it does seem to be easier doing stuff like that with crazy friends than alone. Enjoy! Tell me about it, or Xanga about it. 😉

  4. bingfyre says:

    haha, just make sure it’s something not permanent 😛
    and dude… singing at the top of your lungs on a beach while it’s raining sounds pretty freakin awesome

  5. I think I’m pretty open-minded…if you convince me, u got urself a partner! I donno about the blue hair though….a bit to permanent for me, lol.

  6. mechalance says:

    control yourself ok? if you are looking to doing something or having something to make you happy, or to satisfy some inner emptiness/be at peace, you’ll be sorely disappointed. whatever sensation or emotion you have from doing/having something is temporary, but when it’s over, you might be worse off, now having taken the consequences and see that what you have placed your hopes on had let you down. -___-
    that being said, it’s good to let your hair down and have fun at the appropriate times. be responsible about it though.
    pray and search within yourself and see what is it that you need. what is it that you are unhappy with? why? what are you desiring for? why? what should you be desiring for?
    take care, my great grand dot…
    — great gramp

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